Zümra Opal Bal Lüster 5 Hall Suit

- Original Design -



Zumra Opal Honey Luster 5 Make a difference in your home decoration with the unique design of the Chandelier and the dignity of honey color. Our product, which attracts all the attention by attracting all attention with its stylish appearance, has been produced with hot glass technique. Honey color of glass is given during hot production. You can safely and easily clean our product which is resistant to peeling and fading on the surface.

Zumra Opal Honey Luster Add a pleasant atmosphere to your space with the bulb in the 40W power of the Chandelier 5. 80 cm in length and 70 cm in diameter, our product does not take up much space in your room with its stylish design.

Our product is warranted against production faults for two (2) years. It is demounted, shipped in its own special package with simple installation scheme.

Unique and glittering designs at tavcam.com!


Product Metal Color Gold (Sarı)
Product Type E14
Product Bulb (Max) 40W
Product Height (h), (cm) 80
Product Diameter (Ø), (cm) 70
Production place Turkey



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