Yıldız Technic University
Projelerimiz Yıldız Technic University

For the mosque in Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus, firstly the areas to be illuminated and the required light power were determined. The Ottoman style, transparent glass arms and star form, which are handcrafted in Mekana, were brought together to create an image that was traditionally moderated. The glass curtain designed for the wall light rises above the star as a line of scripture. On the 99 glass rods rising above the star of the great chandelier placed in the dome, we see a light that points to each title of Esma-ul Hussain and of Him. While the identity of the university, its deeply rooted past, and its glorification are reflected in a humble manner, we want to have a clarity that can not be ignored. The star form combiner was placed under the large chandelier as an integral detail, polished with light under the dome. Whispered, "Come whatever, come again"