Winding Pendant 1 Mixed 4 Chandelier

- Original Design -



High ceiling rooms will give you a distinctive air Sargeri Droop 1 Experience the distinctive design difference with Mixed 4 hunts. Rounded structure and adding various colors to add vitality to the space Sarang Dang 1 Mixed 4 hunts are easy to clean, as well as resistant to fading in the shade and peeling that may occur on the surface.

Winding Suspended Mixture 1 Add a pleasant atmosphere to your space with the bulb in the 40W power of the chandelier. 100 cm in length and 45 cm in diameter, our product does not take up much space in your room with its stylish design.

Our product, which will be sent to your address in a dismantled special box, is guaranteed for 2 (two) years against production mistakes.

Tombstones in different designs are at!


Product Metal Color Krom (Gri)
Product Type E14
Product Bulb (Max) 40W
Product Height (h), (cm) 100
Product Diameter (Ø), (cm) 45
Production place