Gülbahar 2 Mixed Chandelier

- Original Design -



One of the most stylish models of the series, Gülbahar 2 Mixed has a different design and will give you a distinctive atmosphere. Product produced with hot glass technique has easy cleaning ability. Gülbahar 2 Mixed has attracted attention with its convenient features in every environment with its vibrant colors.The product you can safely use is resistant to fading or peeling in color.

Gülbahar 2 Make a pleasant atmosphere in your room with the bulb in the 5W Power of the Karma Chandelier. 100 cm in length and 40 cm in diameter, our product does not take up much space in your room with its stylish design. 

Our product, which will be shipped in special box with demounted and simple installation scheme, is guaranteed for 2 (two) years against production faults.

The addresses of the sleek and different designs are at tavcam.com!

Product Metal Color Gri (Krom)
Product Type GU10
Product Bulb (Max) 5W
Product Height (h), (cm) 100
Product Diameter (Ø), (cm) 40
Production place