Bouquet Chandelier Drawing Result 12 05 2018

On 2 May 2018 our instagram page @tavcamistalbul ( ) 1 Bouquet Chandelier We have launched on the last day at 23:59 in the gift contest.


We would like to thank all participants who participated in the contest. After winning the lottery from 2398 reviews: @yl_hepciftci ( ) We congratulate him. (You can send us a message from our instagram page for your gift color selection and contact information.)


Raffle Video:




We will give you a "handmade glass vase" for 1 person among the subscribers of your Youtube channel that you watched your lottery video. We will announce the name of the winner's followers on this page again on 17.05.2018.

Continue to follow us to see you in a new instagram drawing next week ...