Day, Light, Night Exhibition
Day, Light, Night Exhibition
TEPTA Aydınlı worked for the production of the design of Tanju ÖZELGİN which was among the invited designers of "Day, Light, Night" exhibition for the 25th year.
Day, Light, Night" exhibition prepared for the 25th year of Tepta Aydınlatman Will be open for art lovers between October 19, 2016 and January 22, 2017. The exhibition, which consists of original lighting works, draws attention to the fact that it is also the first exhibition to be held only in the field of light in Turkey.
      Küratörlüğünü The exhibition, which Ulrike Brandi from Germany has undertaken, has architects and designers from many countries participating.
Industrial designer Tanju ÖZELGİN, who owns the word in his field, worked with Mustafa TAVUKCU, the glass master from TAVCAM, in the production of the product he designed for Tepta.
The exhibition at the Istanbul Modern Museum supported the Italian Consulate.
We would like to thank Industrial Designer Tanju ÖZELGİN and Tepta for their participation in this exhibition, which is held in the field of lighting.