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Masko Our store is opened !!!

Masko Our store is opened !!!


In the long preparatory work, the opening of the MASKO store, the third showroom of our company, which is the result of the manager and our employees' labor (brain, pen, hand skill, etc.) We performed with great enthusiasm on Thursday, May 11th.

Mr. Masko opened our store in person and honored us, especially Mr. Sultangazi Mayor. Cahit Altunay, Deputy Mayor of Gaziosmanpaşa Zekeriya Eroğlu'na, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masko. Selahattin Erdoğan, Aydsiad Chairman of the Board of Directors To Yasar Demir, the President of METALİŞ who we are a member of. We would like to thank İhsan Alper and all our colleagues and business partners who participated.

We would also like to thank all of our friends, friends and colleagues who have not been able to attend the opening ceremony and have flowers, messages, calls and hearts with us.